Hi! I'm Tanya.  I'm a half Thai, half Italian, first generation Australian and I live in Melbourne one of the world's most liveable cities with my hubby Richie. When I'm not blogging, globe trotting or throwing steel around in the gym, I work in IT Consulting. After exploring various new hobbies to pick up in 2017, I decided to focus on learning photography and picked up a blogger-favourite camera the Olympus EPL-8 to practice with.

I have always loved sharing my experiences with friends and family, which eventually lead to the inception of tanyazena.com where I could combine both storytelling and my new found passion of photography in the form of blogging. After jotting down topics that I enthusiastically talk about, I decided to focus on beauty, lifestyle, wellness and travel as I suppose they help to legitimise my active wear and beauty product purchases.. (sort of!?).  I recently moved back home to Australia after living in Hong Kong, and whilst I was abroad I was fortunate enough to have access to the latest and greatest Japanese and K-Beauty products and trends which I'll write about occasionally.  Although blogging is my passion, through the process of developing this site I also re-discovered how much I enjoy designing websites... something I used to dabble in during the Sausage Software era!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy visiting my little slice of the internet! 

Tanya xx


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