Is this the best budget beauty blender dupe?


More than a decade after taking the cosmetics industry by storm and arguably revolutionizing the makeup application process, the beautyblender is still making waves with their cute egg-shaped sponges. Once I'd jumped on the blending bandwagon, it wasn't hard to see why everyone was hooked on this magical little tool with its ability to seamlessly blend dry, wet, base, blush and highlighting products (the list goes on!) to create a 'second skin' finish.  With almost every makeup artist and beauty guru on social media highlighting the beautyblender in tutorials - including the latest pink marble edition... eeee it's so pretty! - it's no wonder that there are a myriad of dupes available on the market today.

Of course not all sponges are created equal, and if you've been game enough to try a few budget dupes then you'll know that makeup application results can vastly differ based on the texture, firmness, shape and absorption of the sponge.  So, in my quest to find the best beautyblender dupe on a budget I picked up a great alternative to share with you, from Kmart!



At the bargain basement price of $3AUD, I picked up this little beauty from Kmart during a recent trip to Australia.  Whilst the marble effect admittedly isn't as pretty or bright pink as the original beautyblender, it's still pink and has a similar tear drop shape.  Did I mention it was only $3 too?!

The texture is much firmer when dry which is not entirely comfortable to use around the eye area as it feels like a thick, firm blob of a sponge without the lovely bounce-back texture of the original BB.  Once it's damp however, it transforms into a different product entirely.  As a result, I recommend only using it when it's expanded to its full size, and in combination with a little face oil to help products glide on smoothly.   Just add a drop or two directly to the sponge or on the back of your hand to dip into before applying makeup. When it's damp it's a bit difficult to use with powders or dry products so the performance is somewhat limited to wet products like foundation, liquid bronzer / blush etc. 

I've found gliding in addition to dabbing works well with this sponge to create a smooth finish on the skin.  With my large pores it seems to help product sit in / on them - it may sound strange but if you have a similar skin texture to me you might find both methods work well too.  To clean it, I've been swirling it on an olive oil bar soap that I'm currently using for my regular BB and brushes and it comes up really well even after using heavier, full coverage foundations.  I've had mine for approximately 4 weeks now and it's in great shape after being thrashed and washed quite a few times.

So, is it worth the $3 I paid for it? Absolutely!  At that price it's a steal and worth having on hand as a backup for your regular BB.  Yes, I still think the original beautyblender is the best of the best, and whilst it's a premium choice it really is the #1 sponge for good reason!  However, if you are happy to part with some spare change and need a cheap, fun sponge to add to your handbag cosmetics kit, then give this one a try.

Happy blending beauties! 

Have you tried and tested any beautyblender dupes?
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