Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Range is the Ultimate Saviour for Dehydrated Skin

After a long week of extreme weather conditions (from -15C in Japan to 40C in Australia), my skin decided to “pack it in” like Kriss Kross and head off on its own extreme holiday.

I discovered the hard way that long haul flights, snow burn and 50+ degrees of weather changes does not a happy face make.  Then, enter Dr Jart + Ceramidin Liquid & Cream to solve all of my skin-woes.  These babies without a doubt rescued my skin over the course of a week, and transformed it from a crackling mess to bouncy, hydrated, even dare-I-say-it the type of skin that would make even the most discerning k-beauty junkie just a little jelly.

Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Range

Dr Jart+ is a K-Beauty brand that initially found fame from their BB cream that launched in 2006.  Although I had seen their products at Sephora and read about them online, what really made me take notice was their flagship store in Seoul that I stumbled upon during a recent trip to South Korea - it was SO pretty! 

At the time I had so many other serums and creams to work my way through, so it wasn't a priority to try Dr Jart+.  However, after a particularly long day at work I decided to pay a visit to Gabbre (pronounced Gabby) who over the course of 3 years I had adopted as my personal shopper at my all-time-favourite-store Sasa in Central, Hong Kong to see what samples she had in store to share with me that week.  She recommended Dr Jart+ since they had a sale on, and assured me that they were an excellent brand with a reputation for efficacy.  I did a little more reading of reviews online, and tried out samples of the pale green coloured Cicapair Cream and Repair Night Cream and was left thoroughly intrigued.

After trying the Cicapair samples (post on the Cicapair range is in the works too, peeps), I decided to pick up the Ceramidin Liquid and Cream before heading off on holiday.  I'd read great things about the benefits of ceramides in skin care - particularly after Gabbre told me they were a key ingredient to obtaining "glass skin" as part of a solid skincare routine - however hadn't tried any products with ceramides myself so it seemed like the perfect time to put them to the test.

Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Range


Ceramides occur naturally in your skin, and are essentially lipids (fats) that can be found in the uppermost layers.  They provide a protective layer that limits moisture loss, and help to protect the skin from pollution and other environmental stresses... such as extreme weather!

After two weeks of freezing vs. hot summer weather and not to mention hours spent flying between countries, my skin was feeling dry, irritated and extremely dehydrated - the damage was done.  I felt like I had new wrinkles forming, which meant I needed extra help to maintain (or regain in my case) hydrated skin.  So every day for six weeks I slathered on a generous layer(s) of the Liquid after applying a thinner Vitamin C / antioxidant serum and followed it with a layer of the Cream.

Six weeks later I am thoroughly impressed with how these two products have performed, particularly the Liquid which I've also used with other moisturising cream products and it has been just as effective at keeping my skin hydrated.  Although I picked up these products at Sasa, you can also find them at Sephora and other online retailers.  I would consider them mid-priced (between US$40 - 60 depending on the retailer) and they really do give you bang for your buck.


The Liquid comes with 500mls of the mysteriously light-weight, hydrating but non sticky elixir should last at least 3 - 4 months if you're using the recommended amount.  Granted, I did use it VERY liberally and multiple times a day given my circumstances so I went through around 3/4 of the bottle after about 6 weeks.  On application, it feels like a gooey, liquid-y serum that quickly spreads and sinks into the skin. I’ve found that it works best when layered with other serums and creams, specifically applied after a lightweight serum – think peptides, vitamin c or antioxidants – and before heavier moisturising creams including sunscreen.  In the spirit of creativity I also used it around my eyes, on my neck and even my lips after they were seriously chapped from wind burn which also works a treat.  The packaging was recently updated from a pale yellow cylindrical bottle to a stubbier square bottle which looks smaller yet surprisingly still holds the same amount of product.


The Cream comes in a metal tube (cue flaky white bits stuck errrrywhere, annoying scrunching of the tube to get the last bits of product out, and sometimes the random squirt of product out of the side a cracked tube in your bag - I tried a sample size of this before buying a bigger one) while the newer packaging that's now available is made of soft plastic which makes it much easier to use and travel with.  It has a heavy, thick consistency which you would think is the worst thing for oily / combo skin however, it works surprisingly well once it sinks in (give it a few minutes after applying) and as a base for makeup.  It also works well as an eye cream if you need to save space in your suitcase while abroad!


I highly recommend both of these if you're in need of some serious moisture or want bouncy, hydrated skin.  Alternatively, given the price point if you forced me to pick one of them to try I'd say the Liquid is the winner of the two as it would work with most skin types and all year round... and you can use it in conjunction with your existing moisturiser.  I've already purchased TWO full size replacement bottles (two was probably unnecessary but I was a bit excited) of the Liquid!


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If you've tried the Ceramidin range or other lines from Dr Jart+ then I'd love to hear your thoughts on how they've worked for you!