I tried Magnetic Lashes for a week and here’s what happened

After 6 or so years of long, luscious, lengthy lash extensions I decided that I’d give my natural ones a fair go of returning by letting them naturally grow out and then not refilling them as I normally would. I figured “what’s the harm in letting them grow out, surely they can’t be that bad?”. Well… let me tell you - if you’ve ever seen the emoji that looks like it has little horizontal lines for eyes? Yep, that’s me without extensions.

Positively glowing with highlighter

I often hear that lash extensions are terrible long term and result in sparse, short, thin natural lashes and to be perfectly honest - anyone who touts this isn’t entirely wrong. I absolutely love having lash extensions purely for the fact of convenience as it saves me at least 10 precious minutes each morning fiddling with mascara and of course because I love looking relatively fresh after just waking up, but alas even after having seen the best lash technicians on a regular basis over the years my natural lashes have definitely suffered.

The first time I tried magnetic lashes I had a horrible experience. The cost me close to $80 AUD plus postage and nearly blinded me as the rather large and not-so-invisible magnets were stuck on backwards, meaning the bottom lash ended up fold INTO my eye instead of out. It absolutely hurt like hell and I swore never to try them again! But, that was 18 months ago and magnetic lashes have come a looooong way since then, which is great news for anyone wanting to try them out.

Before I decided to try any new magnetic lashes out, I asked trusty Google to tell me what brands I should consider. I came across quite a few reviews about Ardell, which is a US brand that sells strip lashes, adhesives, and of course magnetic lashes. The unique thing about Ardell lashes was that the magnets were a heck of a lot smaller that the ones I originally tried out, and they had a variety of sizes and levels of drama to play with. I figured I’d try two types out - accents and full lashes.

Accents (pictured below) cover about 3/4 of my lashes and I thought they would be a good option for work or daily use. The longer strip lash version I chose were a bit more dramatic, and are a solid alternative for an event or special occasion.

the first application


For the first application I decided to try the full strip lashes (because, who doesn’t love a bit of drama), and I’ll admit they were incredibly frustrating to put on. I managed to poke myself in the eye a few times, and then when I did manage to put them on they were sitting so far out from my lash line they looked pretty ridiculous. After about 15 goes and plenty of patience later, I actually started to get the hang of it, and managed to get a full set on and looking pretty good.

Ardell Magnetic Lashse - Double 110

Ardell Magnetic Lashse - Double 110


I then tried the Accent lashes which were SO much easier to put on as they only had 3 mini magnets to grapple with and not 4, and being shorter in length meant they were also easier to place closer to the lash line. After being pretty impressed with myself, I decided to give them a test run during work the next day and was pleasantly surprised they stayed put all day and actually looked quite natural.

Ardell Magnetic Lashes - Accents 001

Ardell Magnetic Lashes - Accents 001


techniques i tried, that worked

Honestly, there is no easy first way to try out magnetic lashes. You just have to be patient, keep persisting through the incidental arm workout and basically trial and error different ways to adhere them in place.

Personally, I found the best way to get them on is to start with sticking one set of magnets on the upper and lower lashes in the very middle of my eye and then work slowly towards the outer lashes by sticking each respective upper and lower magnet together. I recommend putting a base layer of mascara on your natural lashes before putting on the magnetic ones, as they tend to stay in place longer, especially if your natural lashes are thin / sparse or just overworked from having 3D extensions on for years. Using two hands to stick them on from the inner or middle to the outer corners gives you greater control over how closet the magnets stick to your eyelids (because it looks pretty weird when they are halfway down your natural lashes), and also provides better visibility so you can see what you’re doing and how they look as you go. I learnt the hard way that it’s pretty much impossible to put them on whilst trying to hold a compact or hand-held mirror so definitely find a free standing or wall mirror first!

I tried Ardell Accent Magnetic Lashes for a week and here’s what happened

So in summary, after using the Accent 001 lashes for a week I found that they were a solid alternative for extensions, and allowed me to regularly use eye make up remover (!!!) and O-M-G itch my eyes when I needed to without risking all of my lashes falling out, AND saved me a tonne of money by not spending them on refills every few weeks! #winning




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