What's in my Cosmetics Case this Month

What's in my cosmetics case this month

I always find it challenging to trim down the list of products I pack in my everyday cosmetics case.  I'm constantly trying to squish more and more in because I might possibly need that particular shade of eye shadow, and that particular texture and colour lipstick later in the day if I change my mind from what I'm wearing right now, because who knows what could happen during the day when I'm out of the house.  Anyway, my cosmetics case usually ends up looking more like an overstuffed suitcase than a shortlist of hero products to carry with me in case I need a touch up.

This month I'm aiming to be more efficient with what I pack in my handbag, so I've chosen a few key products that cover all bases.  I'm sticking with a peachy / rose / golden theme in this rotation as it's Autumn and these colours easily work together to transition from day to night. Here's what I've included:



This is the second time I've purchased this foundation as it's great to use on my oily skin as a blotting powder when the 3pm shine kicks in.  I'm currently using the Fenty Pro Filt'r liquid foundation (second bottle now - this stuff is amazing!) as a base so don't need any more colour coverage - I just apply this very lightly with the included sponge or with a brush.  This colour is the tiniest bit darker than my skin tone but still blends in nicely once I've contoured and applied the rest of my makeup.


This. is. so. cute! I picked up the mini duo pack (Gloss Bomb + Killawatt highlighter) on a recent trip to Sephora, and am impressed with the gloss formula.  It's not too sticky, feels moisturising, has a gentle floral smell and the applicator is probably the best I've used in a long time. Although is not the most exciting colour in the world, it's true that Fenty Glow is universal as it's the type of shade that would work on any skin tone and still give off a subtle glistening rose colour.  I love that it's a miniature size as it fits perfectly in my cosmetics case.


I absolutely adore this product and can completely understand what all the hype is about.  I mentioned I'm onto my second bottle of Pro Filt'r Foundation but this is the first time I've tried any of Rhianna's highlighters and this shade is a winner!  It's a gorgeous golden rose colour that has high payoff and with it's light shimmery tone it really does wonders accentuate the cheekbones.   I love using this to highlight my cupids bow, nose, brows, cheeks and decolletage - everywhere really.



I purchased this eyebrow pencil (actually 10 of them) from Sasa in Hong Kong and sadly haven't found the Mocha colour anywhere online that will ship to Australia.  This is honestly the best brow product I've used in recent years, it's a fine tip pencil on one end and has a built in comb on the other.  The shade is perfect for brunettes or dark blondes, and the formula has excellent staying power for an eyebrow pencil. If you manage to stumble across this in store please send help because I'm swiftly running out of it! 


The Mineralize range is a staple favourite in many makeup kits, and this month I'm using one of their top selling shades in Warm Soul.  It's a gorgeous peachy, shimmery blush that can be either lightly layered as a contour or applied on the apples and high points of the cheeks.  I'd say this is a medium peach tone (mid tone beige with gold pearl according to the MAC website) so would work best on warm toned / olive skin.  The product lasts ages - I've had this one for months and haven't even made a dent in it! 


The Face Shop is a hugely popular k-beauty brand, I picked this up this face mist on a recent trip to one of their stores in Bangkok.  I've been using this as a setting spray and a mid-day spritzer to add moisture.  This is the perfect product to use when you're sitting in dehydrating air conditioning all day, and also after touching up foundation to keep skin looking dewy and not too matte.


I usually carry an assortment of brushes and sponges, so this month I've trimmed down my case to just one brush and a beauty blender.  As I have oily skin, I find that the beauty blender is a great way to apply base layers and touch ups whilst also blotting away shine.  It's just a great tool to have in the kit as it can be used to apply liquids and powders.


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I hope you enjoyed this month's breakdown of beauty products in my bag!
If you have any recommended items to try next time let me know in the comments section below.