KKW x Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics + KKW Cosmetics

It's a little overdue but I just had to post a blog on the collaboration between KKW x Kylie Cosmetics and the first product launched, the Cream Liquid Lipstick Kit.  I managed to pick up this kit through Kylie's website when it was originally launched, and am now hanging to try some of her newer products, but more on that later in this post! The kit really is a stunning set of products and I absolutely love the pink-y nude branding.

kkw beauty x kylie cosmetics


Kylie has been killing it with her cosmetics brand, and the KKW collaboration is no exception.  She recently launched her Holiday Collection 2017 - see the collection here - a Christmas themed limited edition collection which sold out in a matter of hours and sadly before I had a chance to pick up her new 'Naughty' and 'Nice' eye shadow palettes!  *Anxiously waits for the re-stock...*

Kylie also posted some teasers on Instagram in the last few days about a new range of concealers, lipsticks and another mystery product that will be launching just in time for Christmas, and in such a short space after launching her Holiday Collection!

It's easy to say that Kylie has built a cosmetics empire on the back of her and her family's fame (which is true), however her products speak for themselves when it comes to quality, variety and price.   Just look at the number of lip kits colours, new lines and limited edition collection items her brand has launched this year.




The Kylie Cosmetics collaboration with KKW Beauty earlier this year provided a platform for Kim's brand, with the creme liquid lipsticks being the first flagship product launched.   Since then, Kim has expanded her range to include the much hyped, but controversially small contour stick kits, a powder highlight / bronzing palette and most recently her KKW Fragrance and Ultrabeams Collection. I'm yet to try KKW's range, although the quad palette and ultrabeams are on my Christmas stocking list! 




As far as the creme lipstick kit goes, it is packaged in a hard cardboard box that has a premium, embossed finish similar to Kylie Cosmetics blushes, highlighters and palettes.  It slides open length-ways to reveal the 4 x creme lipsticks that are lined up from the lightest shade to the darkest shade. The colours are picked by Keeks herself and are named Kim, Kimberly, Kiki, and Kimmie.  

I suppose I was expecting either more of a gloss finish or a lipstick finish, so was kind of surprised when the texture was light and spreadable.  The colours are fairly pigmented, although I found I had to double coat when looking for more of a pop, and use the back of the wand as it seemed to pick up more product than the front. One downside for me was that I found the product came off quite easily, which meant I had to re-apply frequently to maintain the colour I wanted. 


The colours are lovely shades of nudes and pinks, I prefer the Kiki and Kim shades (two middle shades as pictured below) on my skin tone. The texture is soft and easy to spread but I do find it comes off quite easily, so if you're wearing these out to dinner don't expect much product to be left on your lips by the end of the meal.

wearing kkw x kylie cosmetics creme lipstick


I'll admit, I've been wearing these creme lipsticks daily as they go with just about any look or outfit I put on.  Although it doesn't come with a liner like Kylie's lip kits, I create a similar look by lining with a nude or pink pencil before applying.  I do wish the formula was slightly longer wearing, however I enjoy the ease of application. 

I can't wait to see what else she has in store, and try out her new lipsticks that are launching in December! 

What do you think of the KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics?