Laugh Through The Pain During Physio

Anyone every thought about how silent it can be in physio appointments?  I mean, aside from chatting away to the therapist there's never really any background noise or music is there...?  After being injured for a few months (yes I know, I've been slack and should have had my injury checked out immediately), I finally got around to booking an appointment for the physio to look at my knee.

Over the last year Rich and I have been avidly hiking all over Hong Kong - see the post here - with the latest being Stage 9 & 10 of the Wilson Trail which heads pretty much straight over a set of mountains with hills on top of them called "the immortals".    Anyway, I injured myself a few months back whilst plonking down a set of stairs as my legs were like jelly, which then happened again over Chinese New Year during the last hike on the Wilson Trail.  Suffice to say, I aged about 30 years immediately after my knee gave way and ended up hobbling the whole way home with my trusty hiking pole. 

Fast forward to yesterday morning and there I was at the physio, getting acupuncture needles pricked all over my knee and a quad massage that would make just about anyone scream with fury from the pain when all of a sudden the physio asked me if I'd ever heard about "that hilarious guy who was joking about Arnold Schwarzenegger and how he screwed his maid?".   LOL because that came out of nowhere (I think we were talking about Olympic lifting before that so I guess it was a valid segue?), and double LOL because I knew it was Bill Burr as soon as he said "he has this skit about how there is an Epidemic of Gold Digging Whores!" - click here for the video.   It ended up being quite enjoyable as I lay there listened to Bill Burr for the next 20 minutes laughing hysterically, all the while dulling the intense pain from the massage!

So in conclusion, I highly recommend watching stand up comedy on You Tube whenever you are at the physio - as it was the fastest, painless and funniest appointment I've ever been to!

What are your pain management tips when injured?
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