Life in Hong Kong - The B&W Series


I quite enjoy roaming the city on the weekend and finding interesting things to photograph.  Since I've bought my new camera the Olympus Pen EPL-8 I've made it a weekend staple to head out and practice taking photos - I figure I can only get better at it by practicing!

By no means am I a pro photographer, I just enjoy the process of taking photos and trying to find the right shot with great angles, lighting etc.  Using the EPL-8 is so easy as it is quite intuitive with the added bonus on scenery and art filters built into it.  I'm still using it as a point and shoot until I get the hang of manually setting the shutter speed and aperture.

This particular Saturday adventure was taken in Happy Valley, the suburb that I live in Hong Kong. Catching the tram *ding ding* and trying to take photos was a little challenging as its not the smoothest ride, but a great way to see the beautiful concrete jungle of a city.

What do you enjoy about photography?