On Sundays We Wash Our Brushes


I get strangely excited about washing my makeup brushes, which I think is sort of on par with the pleasure you get from hopping into bed when you have newly washed sheets. Anyone else feel me here?  There's something really nice about having soft, clean bristles on your skin!  

Anyway, strangeness aside, one of the keys to having a great foundation base and keeping your skin clear is making sure you're using clean tools because you can literally see the gunk build up on them over time.  I have oily to combination skin that plays up from time to time so for me it's important to make sure I have clean brushes so I avoid breakouts and a streaky foundation base.

I switch between using my fingers, a BeautyBlender and using brushes to apply foundation depending on my mood and what brand of base makeup I'm using, so depending on how frequently they're used I try to clean them at the very least once a fortnight if not once a week.   In between, I also like to use an alcohol brush spray as it helps brushes last longer, and keeps my face, makeup and brushes free of bacteria.

In the last 12 months I've invested in (read: spent) a bunch of new brushes, including my favourite gigantic squirrel powder brush from a recent trip to Japan.  The brush I picked up is very similar to Hakuhodo S100 Angled Finishing Brush, with a shorter pink handle.  Turns out, the Japanese really know how to make a great brush - which I'll add a dedicated post on in the near future! 


When it comes to cleaning my brushes and sponges, I like to switch it up with a few different methods, including different cleansing products such as:

1. BeautyBlender Liquid Cleanser

2. BeautyBlender Blendercleanser Solid Makeup Cleanser

3. Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser

4. Sugarbaby Vita-Skin Coco-Luxe Cleansing Bar

I've also recently used a nice smelling olive oil bar soap, which is great for removing product particularly from thick hair brushes like the Artis Oval 7 Brush (kind of looks like a giant toothbrush) as the hair is super dense and liquid products have a tenancy to get really stuck in there.  I picked up one from my local chemist, although I'm sure you could find something similar at any farmers market too.

The Sugarbaby Cleansing Bar is actually designed for washing your face, however I find it works well for makeup removal and is now my go to, particularly when I travel as it is a great multi-use product and small enough to fit into any luggage without being too heavy.  If I'm honest it doesn't smell the best, but it works and that's what matters.   I'm sure I'm not alone here when I say I'm guilty of using the odd body wash when I run out of dedicated brush cleansing products - it works well too, particularly if you're on a budget! 

What are your tips on keeping your makeup tools clean?
Share your tips in the comments section below!